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Business Growth

Company expansion is inevitable at the moment with constant requirement of new strategic decisions and infrastructure improvement.

YonkTech will be a reliable key partner in determining how appropriate software applications, network infrastructure, security and data management will benefit our client to its optimal level.

Specific Services

Network Design & Implementation

YonkTech focus on simple design
and industry best practices.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

As much as companies try to prevent serious problems,

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Software Development

YonkTech do have a team of IT professional programmers and developers

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Advantage of getting on-board with us

After the completion of our installation, we will keep a 24/7 monitoring of your network for an optimal performance and reliability. Via a service improvement plan, we will push for means to improve your system and provide your employees a better working space for them to get better and smatter on their daily task.

  • Professional
  • Dedication
  • SLA
  • Security Services

We will assign a professional team to work closely with your company and to handle most of your support tickets.

Once an engineer is assigned a ticket, that engineer is responsible for following that ticket till the end of the incident lifecycle.

We promise guaranteed response times and we hit them by going the extra mile.

Security is multi-level effort that requires technical solutions, thorough procedures and rigorous training.
YonkTech is addressing all aspects of data security to ensure that your data is protected and that your firm is in compliance.

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